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Kate Hudson, 36, een A-list Hollywood-actrice, maar ook moeder, ondernemer en bezig met haar nieuwe missie: haar boek ‘Pretty Happy’. Ze helpt vrouwen fit en happy te worden door haar insights te delen over hoe zij haar lichaam naar ‘body smart’ heeft gebracht. Ze laat je je eigen expert worden en geeft je tools hoe je voor jezelf een basis bouwt en je eigen geluk creeërt. Fitgirls mocht als enige platform in Nederland een interview met haar afnemen. We couldn’t be more proud! Zij heeft die zelfverzekerde sparkle en is voor ons het boegbeeld van high energy & good vibes in life.

Ons interview intro naar Kate (*en ze heeft dit werkelijk gelezen. YAY!):

Dear miss Hudson,

We are thrilled that you’re taking time out of your schedule to do this e-mail interview with Fitgirls.nl. We are a fast growing community and online platform where women empower each other to get the best out of their self and to develop inner strength. The founder, Dani Jasarevic who has recovered from a burn-out, realized that many women have a negative self-image and struggle to find balance in their lives. She decided to start Fitgirls.nl: a place where women can share, inform and most of all inspire each other.


1.    The first line of your book is: “I hope this isn’t disappointing but this book is not meant to be some kind of weird tell-all.” And you say: “I finally feel confident that I have something to share”.  When were you confident enough that your experience could help other women? Were you ever worried that people would judge you when you decided to write this book?

Kate: “I don’t think it’s a matter of people judging me because as an actress that’s what happens. You are continuously judged or scrutinized in some capacity – I think it was more about if I felt like anyone cared to hear what I had to say and then, you know, the more I would talk to different women and the more I would get interviewed I realized that one of the main things that women really wanted to talk about was being healthy, being fit, being balanced in everyday life. And so I finally got to a point where I was like yeah, there is some stuff I could share and have it not necessarily be a sound bite that people use in magazines, but that I could elaborate on messages about things that have really been helpful to me.

2.    How did you figure out how to connect to yourself, understand what your body needs, and stop worrying about or overthinking what you eat or how to work?

Kate: “I think that just by nature and the way that I grew up by being a dancer, my mom putting me in dance class at a very young age, connecting to your body and your center is a key thing to dancers so that really was the beginning of the foundation of being able to connect to how my body feels and what it needs. So that was instilled in me thanks to my mom – forcing me to go to dance classes on days that I didn’t want to go to dance class even though I loved to dance. Um, I think when it comes to food I think a lot of people are in the same boat. Finding a healthy balance is the great pain in the ass of our lives because we want to be able to eat all the yummy stuff, all the sugary stuff, all the fried stuff; but it’s just not good for you. You have to find a way to get excited about eating clean and healthy. When you start to feel your body respond and start to feel your brain responding to the foods you are eating, that is where I find excitement.”


3.     In our society being happy is often connected to being confident, what do you think about this? Are confidence and happines connected?

Kate: “For me, happiness is – people are always looking to find happiness. I am a big believer in that happiness is something that you actively pursue. Meaning that, just because you have a lack of confidence doesn’t mean that you’re unhappy. You can have obstacles in your life that leave you feeling a lack of confidence in certain areas, but then other areas in your life bring you much happiness. I think happiness is subjective and people find it in different places. The key to leading a joyful life… Authenticity would be number one before confidence. Being able to say that I am not confident would bring me more happiness then some idea that you have to be confident to be happy.”

4.    How would you describe ‘body smart’ to the women who haven’t read your book yet? And why is it vital to be body smart?

Kate: “To me to be body smart all comes back to feeling connected. Understanding your body, understanding your likes and dislikes, and understanding what agrees with you and what disagrees with you. Sort of tuning into your own individual self. I think that it’s nice to jump on and jump in to all the new trends, but everything doesn’t necessarily work for everybody. So, it is really important to connect to what you like as your own person and see to how you respond to it.”


5.    Is being in touch with your body something that now comes easy to you or do you sometimes still struggle with this?

Kate: “Being in touch is something that I do every day. I make a practice of it. These things in your life are about putting it into practice. When you want to connect to yourself you have to make a conscious decision to say I am going to see how I am feeling today. Am I sore? Did I work out too much? Am I tired? Am I eating well? The things I struggle with are the same things that I think everyone else does. It’s not fun to say, well I guess I am not going to have dessert tonight. There are certain struggles that just take a little bit of discipline.”

6.    We believe that being happy and healthy comes with the right mindset; one has to be ‘fit’ from the inside out. Does happiness depend on the state of the body? Or is there more? What is your opinion?

Kate: “I believe in the whole person. Addressing everything as the whole person is the way forward. I think you addressing your mental state and everything going on in your life is just as important as addressing your physical state. I like to see all of those things work together as one. I don’t know if they will necessarily bring happiness. I am not a believer in that if you do THIS you will be happy. I do believe that if you have a healthy physical and mental state then the things underneath it start to fall into place nicely. Whether that be your partner, your family, your kids, your work, your social life. Having a physically and mentally healthy mindset is beneficial to everyone.”


7.    Being a celebrity, you must feel the pressure to always look and behave perfect (according to the expectations from the audience). How do you cope with this? And how do you ‘let go’ of bodily ideals in the movie industry?

Kate: ”You learn pretty early on when you start to have people writing about the way you look to not listen to them. Because, you know, you make a film and everybody has an opinion, you wear a dress and everyone has an opinion. You realize very quickly that everyone is entitled to their opinion, you just don’t have to listen to it. So I choose to just enjoy the success that I have had and be grateful and to have fun with the things I get to do and the clothes that I get to wear. I choose to accept that as a woman my body is a fluctuating shell. I go from being pregnant to being not pregnant. I go from being 15 pounds heavier than I was to 15 pounds skinnier than I was. It is just the nature of being a woman. You go from having a lot of collagen in your skin to less collagen in your skin. Just keep going forward. I choose to look at my life and pay more attention that are going on in the world, with my children, and focus on those things.”

8.    What is an unrealistic standard of perfection that you’ve strived for earlier? How do you get rid of unrealistic goals and how do you connect to yourself and what is important for you? Is this a lesson that comes with age?

Kate: “Since I was little I never believed… I think unrealistic goals is setting yourself up for failure. I am a dreamer. I have had goals that some people look at me and say you are crazy you are never going to achieve that. And I say, okay watch me… And I have achieved those goals. To dream and to set, what some people would think are unrealistic goals, is a beautiful thing. Setting the expectation of that goal bringing you great joy or happiness is the wrong way to look at it. If I do this I will be happy. If I get that I will be happy. That is where I have never looked at it that way. It’s more like that would be great! I want that! It is not the end all be all. What is going to make me happy is how I feel when I wake up in the morning. And I have always had that. I don’t know where that comes from, maybe my parents, but I feel like I have had that from a very young age. For me the unrealistic goal in strictly fitness is important to the process of getting strong. I like the goals that are realistic because you start to feel stronger and stronger and stronger without feeling discouraged. Very different from other kinds of goals.”

9.    Has motherhood helped you connect with your body?

Kate: “Motherhood helps me connect and disconnect. Having a C section you definitely have to reconnect with your body. I think that I am not necessarily connecting to my body as much as feeling like I am in my body. When I am pregnant I feel like, oh yeah, this is what I was really put here to do. As an animal I have more female and purposeful as a pregnant woman than I ever have before.”


10.    With ‘Fabletics’ you made your move into the fashion industry.What inspired you to create sportswear? How did you do this? And did you also have to make some sacrifices or overcome obstacles along the road?

Kate: ”Fabletics just felt like – for me I have always wanted to do things that could be impactful. If I am going to design clothes or going to go out there and talk about something as a message, I want it to be affiliated with things that I am passionate about. Being active, empowering women, inspiring women to get motivated to look at their life a little differently and create goals for themselves they thought would be unachievable but are absolutely achievable – something that is effective that I could have a great time being able to talk about. Something that feels important to me to be a discussion. That is what Fabletics has enabled me to do. Not only design cute clothes but the message behind them being something that can have a powerful impact on communities and women inside those communities.”

11.     ‘Fabletics’ sells beautiful yoga pants that can also be worn casually. We also love spending the day in leggings and wondered if you also wear leggings at work? And what is your favourite sport-outfit?

Kate: “I am a legging girl. I love my leggings. I wear them all the time. I am always comfortable in them. If they are good like ours then they suck you in and make you feel nice and supported and we all need a little support, in many different ways.”

We vinden het geweldig dat Kate tijd heeft vrijgemaakt voor een interview met ons. Bij ons gaat het erom dat je bewust kiest voor wat belangrijk is en focust op wat je energie geeft, wat je lichaam voedt en je mindset versterkt. Dit is waar Kate en wij elkaar in vinden. Kate geeft aan dat geluk vindbaar is in je perfecte imperfecte zelf en niet in wat je doet. Net als Kate streven wij naar een sterke basis waar we altijd op terug kunnen vallen. Haar boek Pretty Happy geeft je deze basis! Dus ben je opzoek naar een duurzame lifestyle, een manier om je eigen expert te worden en daar je geluk in te vinden? Dan is dit boek voor jou! Kate is hiermee een grote inspiratie voor ons als vrouwen!

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  1. Dees zegt:

    Wat is dit een inspirerende vrouw zeg! Ik zou graag haar boek willen lezen om te kijken of ik wat aanpassingen in mijn eigen leven kan doen om gezonder en gelukkiger te worden.

  2. marieke stam zegt:

    Ik zou heel graag het boek willen winnen! We moeten thuis nog even wachten op de verbouwing en dan kan ik lekker in mijn nieuwe keuken koken.

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